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Mason County Concert Assoc., Shelton, WA

"We had Rudolf last night and he was outstanding. My audience was so happy with his performance. He is an exceptional pianist, playing with ease and perfection. He is also very talented in mixing his [other music] with his pieces. We enjoyed his humor, his knowledge of the great composers and his wonderful rapport with the audience."Becky

No. County Music Association, Paso Robles, CA

"Rudolf is a very versatile performer with exceptional control of the piano. He switches easily form a serious classical sound to the light and entertaining moods of Gershwin. Rudolf is just plain fun to watch. He has a wonderful ability to relate to the audience. Each piece offers great dynamic scale – the audience was entranced by the sudden contrasts: dramatic at break-neck speed then lyrical with a sensitive and romantic sound."Betsy Hardie

Michigan Community Concerts, Alpina, MI

"Mr. Budginas performed in Alpena, MI on the evening of Wednesday October 21, 2009. IT WAS WONDERFUL!!! He is a very skilled pianist and performed classical music with great precision and depth. He was also a great entertainer and kept the audience involved throughout the concert. I was also impressed with the knowledge he was willing and able to share regarding the classical music and its marriage with current music genre."Bruce Connon

Craterian Ginger Rogers Theatre, Medford, OR

"WOW! What a way to start off our season. It (Rudolf Budginas) was a fantastic concert and I heard nothing but positive comments. What a talent!"C. Morrison

Clark Center for the Performing Arts, Arroyo Grande, CA

"The key to audiences returning again and again to hear Rudolf’s concerts is his extremely high level of artistry, his enthusiastic style and his ability to engage audiences. It’s hard to understand how one person and one piano can fill a theater with the energy of a big band, a symphony and a rock band all at the same time!"Connie O’Henley

Bremerton Performing Arts Center, Bermerton, WA

"Just came from our first show and cannot say enough how delightful Rudolf Budginas was. He related so beautifully with the audience, had great humor and is such a wonderful, talented pianist. Most of all, he gave 200% throughout the entire concert. He taught us so much about classical music with such obvious joy."Ernest

Livingston Community Concerts, Livingston TX

"This concert was the best we’ve ever had. Classical pianist Rudolf Budginas immediately connected with the audience, tickling the ivories with precision and the audience with his quick humor."Jan & Jean Byer

Ohio University / Ohio Community Concerts

"WONDERFUL WONDERFUL was the Rudolf Budginas concert!!!!! We enjoyed his virtuosity and passionate musical interpretations. He achieved his goal of creating a friendly atmosphere with his good humor and explanations. Think we can speak for everyone attending: We were royally entertained!!!!!! Fantastic musician.!!!"Ken & Donna Ballmer

Craterian Ginger Rogers Theatre, Medford, OR

"I took my daughter to see your (Rudolf Budginas) performance tonight, and wanted to extend my personal thanks and congratulations to you on a stellar evening. I cannot tell you how THRILLED she was to see you 'noodle' the compositions tonight. I think what you are doing is absolutely wonderful and I cannot wait to take her to see you again."M. Quady

Jacoby Auditorium Umpque College, Roseburg, OR

"Rudolf Budginas is a fantastic performer and entertainer."Ruth Lincoln

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Presenters Feedback

San Luis Obispo Tribune

I heard rumors of a young Lithuanian piano virtuoso who had was said to be tall, good-looking, and fiercely gifted. The rumors are true: We have a real star-quality pianist in our midst, and his name is Rudolf Budginas.
James Cushing
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